VERTUX SwiftPad-XL Gaming Mouse Pad


Model SwiftPad-XL 
Gaming Mouse Pad

-RGB Backlit: SwiftPad features 13 lighting modes that create a visually stunning environment
-Consistent surface texture: Laboratory-tested nano-textured surface enhances in-game response to ensure that
-every mouse movement translates into cursor movement
-Large Surface Area: With a size of 80x30cm, SwiftPad-XL can fit your mouse and keyboard perfectly and still
-Non-Slip base: Anti-slip base can firmly grip your desktop, nylon stitched edges make the pad much more durable
-Wear-resistant Surface: Optimum wear resistance and water resistance that avoids abrasion and pilling caused

Technical Specification

Input: 5V, 1A

Cable Length: 120cm

Warranty Period : 2 Years – Back to Base