PROMATE Ultra-Slim Multi-Function Finger Grip Stand – KICKSTRAP-1


Grab your smartphone with confidence using KickStrap-1. Easy to use and wear on your fingers after attaching it to your phone or case for the extra help in preventing your phone from sliding out of your hand. With KickStrap-1, your phone will rest comfortably on the palm of your hand, giving you more freedom in the way you hold your phone for those impeccable selfies. It also doubles up as a kickstand for easy convenience in or out of hand

Features :

Smartphone Grip: Get a firm grip onto your smartphone with KickStrap-1. The ergonomic design lets your phone rest on the palm of your hand preventing wrist fatigue
Kickstand Function: Doubles as kickstand for hands-free usage when viewing videos or other multimedia
Reusable Adhesive: Advanced adhesive technology that sticks to device firmly and is reposition-able and washable
Easy to use: Securing your device is effortless due to quick-snap technology. Simply stick the included adhesive metallic ring mount to the back of your phone.
Universal Compatibility: KickStrap-1 supports smartphones of all sizes.

Warranty Period : 2 Years – Back to Base