PROMATE 15W Magnetic Wireless Charging Car Mount – VENTMAG-15W


Keep your devices charged up even on the road with the VentMag-15W. Charge at 15W speeds, 3X faster than regular wireless chargers. The built-in magnet provides strong adhesion and automatically locks onto the MagSafe device.The no-arm design lets you view the device in any angle. High speed charging and reliable hands-free access with VentMag-15W.
Magnetic Wireless Charging Car Mount:
Keep your devices powered up on the road with the VentMag-15W. The built-in magnet provides strong adhesion and automatically locks onto the Mag-Safe device providing ultra-fast charging to your compatible devices without the hassle of tangled wires. Enjoy complete hands-free wireless charging with the VentMag-15W car AC Vent mount.
Power Up to 15W Fast Wireless Charging in your Car:
With this magnetic wireless car charger, you can enjoy Qi wireless charging speeds from 5W, 7. 5w, 10W, and up to ultra-fast speeds of 15W. Now you never have to worry about running out of battery, just power up in your car, wirelessly.
Specially Designed for iPhone 12:
The Promate VentMag-15W mag-safe car charger is specially designed for iPhone 12 series, perfect for iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone 12 Pro Max. Charge at blazing 15W speeds, 3X faster than regular wireless chargers.
Quick Magnetic Alignment for Worry-Free Charging:
Forget the fumbling and the worrying about your phone falling while driving. The perfectly aligned magnets on the VentMag-15W snaps onto your device quickly and seamlessly. You can safely place your iPhone 12 onto the magnetic base and drive without any distractions.
Quick-Lock Mounting for Car Air Vents:
The charger can be easily attached to most air vents. It is compatible with horizontal and grid vents. There are also 2 levels of clamping catered to thicker and finer vents. The secure clamp locks and provides a stable grip on the air vent, making the VentMg-15W secure to use. Anti-Distraction
Wireless Charging Car Mount:
The Promate VentMag-15W uses the air vents available in your car. Not only is it convenient but it’s also safer as it doesn’t get in your way when driving. You will be able to drive safely without anything interfering with your field of view.
Secure Mounting for Trying Terrains:
Powerful Mag-Safe magnets keep your phone firm and secured, even though bumpy roads and trying turns. You won’t have to worry about your phone dismounting or falling anymore.
Slim and Compact Design that Promotes Portability:
The Promate VentMag-15 wireless charging car mount boasts a premium slim finish that perfectly complements your smartphone device. This sleek and compact design is great for portability as well.
Cradle less Design for Multiple Display:
With the strong magnetic grip, you can set your iPhone 12 in portrait mode to enjoy music or use the navigation in landscape mode with ease. This multi-display support feature allows you to conveniently charge your phone while using maps or enjoying music during your drive.
360 Degree Rotation for Best Viewing Angle:
This mag-safe car mount has a powerful magnet and a high-quality ball joint that allows the Apple iPhone 12 to easily rotate to a full 360 Degree. You can move your iPhone and Charger according to your preference to provide the best viewing angle.
FOD Detection with Qi Certification:
The Promate VentMag-15W is Qi certified. FOD (foreign object detection) is a security guarantee that is included in Qi certification. This means that with this wireless charging car mount, the transmitter of the wireless charging system can detect if a foreign object, such as metal, is on its surface that provides an uninterrupted safe, and ultra-fast charge to your compatible devices.
Safety and Security Guaranteed:
The on-board safety chip provides overcurrent, overheat, over-voltage, and short circuit protection is safe and efficient enough to protect your devices and provide you with a safe charging experience all around.
Avoid Cluttering with Wireless On the Go” Charging:
Go completely wireless and avoid cluttering and messy wires in your car with the VentMag-15W car charger. VentMag-15W allows you to charge your smartphone without the mess caused by multiple cable wires.
Case Compatible with Easy Application:
The magnetic attraction function reduces complex induction and removes the holders on both sides of the traditional car charger even with a phone case on. This device is perfectly compatible with a mag-safe case and a really thin iPhone 12 phone cover.
Convenient Single-Handed Mounting:
Place it on and go without wasting time to mount your iPhone 12 device. The Promate VentMag-15W Mag-Safe mount allows you to securely mount and charge your phone just by tapping it on the charging pad.
Power Up with 1. 5m Type-C Cable:
The Promate VentMag-15W car charger can be powered up using a USB Type-C cable. This way you can conveniently use the 1. 5 m cable in the box to charge your wireless charger and enjoy fast charging on the go.
Compatible with Qi-Enabled Devices:
The Promate VentMag-15W is compatible with the iPhone 12 series, as it supports the magnetic attachment feature. Compatible with iPhone 12, 12 Pro, 12 Pro Max, 12 Mini. It can also be used as a desk charger for all Qi-enabled devices, like, Samsung Galaxy S21/S20/S10, Galaxy A52 5G, Samsung Galaxy Note 20 series, Google Pixel 5, Google Pixel 4A, Oppo Find X3 Pro, OnePlus 9 series, Xiaomi Mi 11, Sony Xperia 1 III.

Magnetic Wireless Charging Car Mount
Enjoy Up to 15w Fast Wireless Charging in your Car
Specially Designed for iPhone 12
Quick Magnetic Alignment for Worry-Free Charging
Quick-Lock Mounting for Car Air Vents
Anti-Distraction Wireless Charging Car Mount
Secure Mounting for Trying Terrains
Slim and Compact Design that Promotes Portability
Cradle less Design for Multiple Display
360 Degree Rotation for Best Viewing Angle
FOD Detection with Qi Certification
Safety and Security Guaranteed
Avoid Cluttering with Wireless On the Go” Charging
Case Compatible with Easy Application
Convenient Single-Handed Mounting
Power Up with 1. 5m Type-C Cable
Compatible with Qi-Enabled Devices


Input: DC 5V/2A, 9V/2. 5A
Chipset: MCM-CHIP
Coil: 1
Wireless Charging Output: 5W/7. 5W/10W/15W
Charging distance: 0-5mm
Frequency: 110-205KHz
Efficiency: ≥68%
Cable Length: 1.5m
Made in china

Compatible with iPhone 12 Series and all Qi-Enabled Devices