Candy SmartPro 10kg Wash & 6kg Dry Washer Dryer (COW41065TWRRE-S)


Versatle, quick and reliable, Candy Smart Pro washer-dryer offers a complete set of rapid cycles to meet your daily washing needs.

Find a complete and smart collection of advices and suggestions to save time and money and get perfectly clean laundry.

Thanks to My Statistics you can control your most frequently used programs and learn how to optimize your washing habits.

Our machines minimise the amount of electricity used, reducing waste. The sensitive weight sensors detect the size of the load and automatically adjust the amount of water and electricity used. With our machines, a half-load can require up to 70% less water, time and electricity!

Smart Cycles function allows you to download the best cycle for your lifestyle and provides additional programs to find the best cycle to take care of your clothes.

Candy Smart Pro offers a complete set of 9 rapid cycles in less than 1 hour. You can save time for anything you like and have perfect washing results for every need.

GIVE LONG LIFE TO YOUR WASHER DRYER – The Smart check-up function provides a simplified management for longer efficiency. It tells you about the conditions of your appliance by monitoring the health status. In case of error or malfunctioning, the smart guide helps you to identify the solution by yourself.

This washer dryer, using the washing cycle only, is in C class. In compliance with the New Energy Label and comparing with the G class, reduces consumption for at least 34%, saving energy, money and protecting the environment.

Front Load
10kg wash + 6kg dry
SmartPro – Wifi
Warranty: 2 Years