Candy Refrigerator Fresco 382L (CCE3T620FS)


Fresco is the new Candy refrigerator designed in Italy that comes in different dimensions to easily adapt to any kitchen style. The possibility of customizing the interior of the refrigerator according to your needs thanks to the flexy system makes the refrigerator flexible and adaptable whenever you have the need. In addition, with the hOn App, you can take advantage of the full potential of the refrigerator, both in the models with Wi-Fi connection and in those equipped with the content application.

According to the New Energy Label, this refrigerator belongs to class E. Compared to appliances in class G, it reduces consumption by up to 36%, saving energy, money and respecting the environment.

Adjust the temperature of your fridge freezer from 2° to 8° and activate the Super Cool function using the interior control panel.

Whenever you need to cool down your food and drinks quickly, simply activate the Super Freezing or Super Cooling function and your smart fridge will reach the right temperature.

This system produces cold air in the freezer area and distributes it evenly in the refrigerator with the help of multiple nozzles from the No Frost panel. Getting the temperature and humidity to remain constant and, therefore, keeping food tastier and fresher for longer. The Total No Frost system does not produce frost in the freezer, therefore it is not necessary to defrost it.

L x W x H (mm): 595x658x1850
Freestanding 2 doors
Reversible port
Integrated handle
Internal display
Total No Frost
Super Cool and Super Freeze
Extra content through the App
Color: Silver
Warranty: 2 Years
Why not use your smart fridge to the full?

Download the hOn App and discover a complete set of connected features that will simplify your daily life. Get helpful hints and tips via smartphone and enjoy multiple benefits like the Inventory Assistant, Smart Drink Assistant and much more.

The new ergonomic and functional handle matches the rounded edges of the door, giving the Fresco refrigerator a more elegant look and better grip.

Safety Glass shelves, thanks to their thickness, are extremely safe and resistant to store your food in the refrigerator. Their rounded and elegant design also makes them easy to clean, avoiding the accumulation of dirt in the slots.

Reduce the growth of mold with Hygiene Gaskets, a special anti-mold treatment on fridge and freezer gaskets.

At 200cm high and 60cm wide, this bottom freezer fridge allows you to store all the fresh food and drinks you want.

Move your shelves and French doors and enjoy up to 100 different internal distribution combinations for total storage flexibility in your refrigerator. In addition, the Total No Frost Cirle + technology, which keeps the temperature and humidity uniform in every corner, allowing you to store your food wherever you want.

Adapt your refrigerator to any kitchen space thanks to its reversible doors.

A quick installation that allows the door hinges to be placed on the left and right sides of the appliance.